Baba Or Burst

By Edwin Sifuna
I am not in the habit of talking about things I do not know. When i told you Ababu had been bought by Jubilee some thought I just wanted to be ODM SG. Well, hate to say i told you so.
Let me tell you something else. My brother Enoch Wambua was my editor at the Sunday Standard. He is now a Senatorial Aspirant for Kitui County. That should put his column in today’s Standard into perspective. I do not blame him for wanting to appear to be Kalonzo’s biggest supporter. Its what you do in Kitui.
Here is what he and his Kalonzo mates must know. The NASA Presidential Candidate is Raila Odinga. Threatening us with 5 more yrs of Uhuru is not a strategy. ODM has stared tyranny in the face and beat it back but somehow everyone in Wiper thinks they can scare us. We have done more than 50 years in Purgatory…whats another 5?
The people you call “traitors” in Wiper are the true patriots who are willing to tell Kalonzo this hard truth. We do not want a President who “doesnt evoke strong emotions of fear and resentment” from the thieves and tribal cartels that have captured our state. Thats exactly what we want these people to feel. Fear and Resentment.
What i do not understand is this argument that Kalonzo will somehow get us votes from “the other side of the Political divide”. First because Kalonzo has run for President before and got zilch from that other side and Second because whoever Raila “fronts” will receive just as much resistance from “that other side” as he would himself. When you reject a man, you reject everything he stands for including his choices.
We have been trying to get our “partners” to gently swallow this reality but time is coming when we will have to force feed you people.
Wacheni kusubiria embe chini ya mnazi.

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